3 Home Addition Styles You Need To Know About: The Bump-Out, Multi-Room Build Up And Multi-Room Build-Out

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Home Addition Styles

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There are many creative ways to add to a home; it all depends on where it is situated, as well as your budget. Use these 3 styles as a starting point to your designing process, and start planning your dream home.

  1. The Bump Out: The Friendliest Option For Your Budget

The bump-out is the most simplistic addition design, as it consists of only a single room or unit. A well-known example is a kitchen bump-out used as a breakfast nook or even a washroom. It is a simple project that mostly only go up to 100 feet. Even though a Bump-out is a small design, you will still need to adhere to the exact permit requirements.

The bump-out design is the easiest and least invasive option if you want to add to your home. You only need to knock out one wall, and then you can start the building process outwards. Because of its small scale, it is also the least expensive option making it the perfect first step towards adding space to your home.

  1. The Multi-Room Build Out: Allows For Creativity 

If you need a lot more space, the best option will be a complete addition. With this option, you add multiple rooms to your existing home, creating a whole new design. Most people prefer this design because you cannot see where the original house ends and the addition starts.

The multi-room category has a few subcategories to choose from :

  • Expanding your living room
  • Extra storage added to your garage
  • A bigger master bathroom

It is essential to consider what the new layout will do to the existing rooms, as it may change the atmosphere. The most significant benefit of this design is that there is no limit to how many spaces you can add. Except for the property line, of course.

  1. The Multi-Room Build Up: Double Your Current Space

Similar to the build-out, this addition creates more space on the second floor of your home. Some popular designs include:

  • Adding more upstairs rooms
  • Turning an ordinary bedroom into a master bedroom
  • Adding a loft area

If your property line does not allow you to add space to your home, the build up is the option for you. Adding to your second floor can almost double your room without having to sacrifice any yard space.

Design Your Dream Home Addition With The Help Of Experts

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