Four Things To Consider Before Adding An Extension To Your Home

Adding Home Extension

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There comes the point in life where many people feel that their living space has become too small. One solution is to buy or build a bigger house; the other is to extend your home. Extensions are the perfect solution for adding a playroom, new office, or gym to their house.

There is a lot to bear in mind before adding an extension as it can be expensive and takes time- It is thus essential to consider a few things before starting with your extension project.

1) Consider What Added Value The Extension Will Bring To Your Home

More space in your house, or an extra room, has to add value to your house and living conditions; otherwise, the costly process might do more harm than good. One major thing to consider is if the new space will enhance or hinder the circulation of your home. Also, consider who will be using the room/space and what their needs are. If the room is meant for a baby, it is essential to consider lighting and the room’s temperature.

2) Make Sure To Get Your Planning Permission In Order

Unfortunately, getting the correct planning permission documentation in order does take some time, but it is a necessary part of the process. Once authorities find out that you are building without permission, they will end up demolishing it.

3) Talk To Your Neighbours About Your Plans

It is best to inform your neighbours about the building that will take place on your site sooner rather than later. They have the power to interrupt construction if you don’t notify them, as it is a legal requirement to inform your neighbours before the process starts. There are usually consent forms that need to be signed.

4) Get Multiple Quotes Before Deciding On A Contractor

There are many benefits to comparing multiple quotes that go beyond the best price. It is crucial to find out more about how fast the builders work and the quality of their work. Each builder uses different materials, so make sure to choose one that matches your building needs. Although selecting the best-priced builder sounds convenient, it is best to choose trustworthy builders who share the same vision for your extension.

How MAG Construction In Sydney Can Help You Create Your Vision

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