Is A Duplex The Right Choice For Those Who Want To Build A Space To Rent On Their Property?

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Duplex Vs Granny Flat

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Duplex houses have become a popular rental space option for two main reasons: Firstly, it is a clever use of space given the limited available land. Secondly, it has excellent earning potential. If you are interested in adding to your property to rent, a duplex has many advantages compared to a single added unit. There are, of course, some downsides as well. MAG Construction, the best home builder in Sydney, will explore the advantages and disadvantages of adding a duplex to your property. In the end, you will have a clear understanding of which option fits your needs best.


  •  Excellent Use Of Space

A duplex is a perfect solution for those who don’t have space to add a freestanding unit. You can now have two homes on one property and still have all the benefits a freestanding dwelling offers. It’s also less costly than building to separate homes on two properties.

  •  It Saves You Money And Increases Your Earnings 

A duplex is an excellent addition if you live in a high demand suburb. You benefit from extra space for yourself during off-season times and earning extra money during peak season. It’s also an excellent way to maximise the equity in your property.

  •  You Still Have Your Privacy 

A duplex can be designed with two separate entrances, allowing privacy between you and your renters.

  • You Have More Control Over The Rental Space

Instead of worrying about what your guest is up to or having to drive far to provide them with assistance, you just have to walk around the corner. This benefit allows for better control over your renters’ actions.


  • Smaller Than A Freestanding Unit 

Even though a duplex is a clever use of space, it can be limiting compared to a freestanding unit. If you intend to build a larger rental home, it’s best to design a unit separate from your home.

  • Close Living Conditions

One of the more significant disadvantages is living near your renters. This can become a problem when it comes to noise.

  • Not All Local Councils Allow Duplexes 

Depending on where you are situated, a duplex can be challenging to get approved. Some neighbours might complain that it interrupts their view in front of their property.

Speak To A Building Expert To Find Out If A Duplex Is A Suitable Choice For You

To find out more about duplex construction and if it is the right choice for your property, contact MAG Construction ‒ the trusted home builder in Sydney ‒ to make a booking for a consultation. Our professional team will be able to tell you exactly what will work best for the space you have to work with.