Partnering With The Right Design And Construction Company In Sydney For Success

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Building a new home from scratch is a daunting task. Therefore, partnering with the right construction company in Sydney is vital to the successful outcome of this endeavour.

Here are some key areas to consider when selecting your design and construction partner.

Experience, Expertise And Proven Track Record

Look for a company that has considerable experience in the construction industry. Ask to view examples of their recently completed projects and see testimonials from recent clients. Focus on areas such as the quality of workmanship, quality of materials and timeliness. Experience will also put the company in a position to offer valuable advice on all aspects of the process and help to manage your expectations.


Open lines of communication are vital when undertaking a complex project such as designing and constructing your new home. Their ability to translate your vision into reality is the key to success. Honest communication will allow for a clear delineation of what is required in terms of costing, materials and timelines, to everyone’s satisfaction.


If you have previously undertaken even a small alteration project, you will know how important this is. As the design and construction process unfolds, things will frequently need to be tweaked to ensure the desired outcome. The company that you select needs to be open and creative enough to deal with this scenario.

Shared Vision

You may wish to incorporate unique features into your design and construction, for example, sustainable living options. In this case, your chosen partner should be well-versed in installing solar panels, car charging stations, rainwater harvesting and storage and greywater storage.

Knowledge Of Rules And Regulations

The construction company that you choose must be able to provide expert advice when it comes to dealing with local councils, building standards and protocols. This is vital to assist you as you navigate the “red tape” that accompanies such a project.

As a top construction company in Sydney, MAG Construction aims to make the process of design and construction as seamless as possible by constant collaboration, flexibility and expert advice. Contact us today to start the design and construction of your new home.