Additions and Extensions

Looking to extend or expand your home? Want to renovate to better suit your needs and add value to your property?
At MAG Construction, we are experts at adding extensions to your property to fit the look and feel of the original property and realising your vision for the whole property

Modernising Your Property with Extensions

Are you considering adding an addition to your property in Inner West, Sutherland Shire and Sydney but are unsure of the value that an extension would add to your property?

Having worked with many renovations in the past, we know a thing or two about the value of an extension.

Not sure what you want? Don’t worry, we’ll talk through your ideas and our design and architectural experts can provide plenty of sound advice.

New Homes

Here are

Some reasons why our clients have chosen to add additions to their home:

Improving the value of your property

This is a common reason for adding to your home, as an increase in space also means an increase in value. What we find important here is that the addition needs to not only be aesthetically pleasing but also matches the overall style and feel of the home.

Utilising your existing space

This extension differs as it makes use of an existing space in your home and transforms it to be more functional. Do you have a loft that isn’t being used and could potentially be a new bedroom? Our team of expert extension builders will make sure that it meets all building building requirements, i.e. size, height, ventilation, light, creating a habitable space.

Extending rather than moving

Adding first floor addition to your home instead of handling the stress of moving is a great alternative. This could mean adding a new story to your house or expanding with more parking space.

Creating space for family

Looking to grow your family but desperately need additional space? Maximise the space you have and look at creating a larger living area with the addition of creating a more open plan area to improve your home’s efficiency and capacity.

Visualising a design you always wanted

Frustrated with the layout of your home and constantly visualise better ways to improve your space? Why not look at renovating and getting the home that you’ve always pictured. Extending your home means you get to choose what you do with it. This might mean creating more space in the kitchen, adding an ensuite, or a more open plan style. The options are endless!

Any of their reasons apply to you? Then get in touch with us today!