Development Approvals

Ready to design and construct your new building? First things first, you need to apply for a Development Approval. With MAG Construction, you will gain expert advice on DA submissions, providing you plans and specifications complying with local council guidelines.

Applications to Build

A Development Approval (DA) is a legal document that allows you to undertake development on your property. Once we have DA approval, we can further assist in obtaining the construction certificate with our team of certifiers and start construction.

Development Approval

With MAG Constructions, you will receive comprehensive advice on how to apply for your development approvals, how to approach local councils and gain a successful submission.

Preparing Your DA

The type of information and documents that need to accompany your DA can vary according to several factors. We can assist in obtaining the documents you will need to submit when the time comes.

To save you time, here are some documents that you will likely need to have ready when applying for your DA:

Managing your Development Approval can be a stressful process without the right guidance and advice. With MAG Constructions, you will receive expert advice on what type of consent, specific requirements and the various documents needed before you start construction.

Save yourself time today and contact us to find out more!