Sophisticated Additions To Your Eastern Suburbs Home

Beautiful House

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Deciding to settle down in the Eastern Suburbs, you want to incorporate the most luxurious and uplifting additions to your new forever home. Even if they are small additions, they’ll certainly add that wow factor and increase your home’s overall value. As your go-to construction company in Eastern Suburbs, here are some of our top tasteful additions to consider for your space.

Increase Your Ceiling Height 

This is a trick to bring the eyes up when someone walks through the home. It makes your space look far more spacious, grand and open-planned. It also brings in more light and instantly makes the rooms feel bigger and brighter.

There are multiple ceiling features to use in your designs, such as a coffered ceiling feature and statement lighting. This brings the eyes upwards and creates details in an otherwise boring area. To achieve a bigger, more spacious look, increasing door heights as well as window heights allow you to taper off this feature and create a fuller experience.

Indoor Drinking Fountain 

Adding an indoor drinking fountain is a game-changing feature! Not only will it be an instant hit with the kids and their friends, but it will also be a memorable feature that will have your visitors telling others about. This convenient addition is great for utility rooms. Choosing an aesthetic tap or sink for your home’s fountain will add a touch of class to the conventional drinking fountains found in public institutions.

Large And In Charge

Having a large and impressive front door sets the tone and first impression for your home. Roughly 1.2 metres for a front door is desirable to set the tone of luxury. Creating a wider hallway entrance helps to emphasise the grandness of the entrance space. Add some curated, tasteful decor, and you have a beautiful entrance that sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Contact the professional and skilled MAG Construction company for your home additions in Eastern Suburbs. With over 25 years of experience delivering luxury building designs on time and on budget, we can help you achieve your dream forever home.