Top Three Sydney Home Renovations That Give The Best Returns

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When you’re itching to upgrade your home, it can result in an exciting list of wants, needs and dreams. But an important question remains. Which areas should you be spending most of your budget for a greater return?

Here is a helpful guide for choosing where to wisely spend your budget from Sydney’s most reliable home builder – us!

Renovations That Add Value To Sydney Properties

Any renovations nowadays need to, ethically at least, include sustainability factors that will extend your home’s longevity and boost the resale value. Let’s look at the top three places to spend your renovation budget:

  1. Kitchens And Bathrooms Affect Resale Values

Kitchens are one of the top three rooms that affect resale value. A close contender is your bathroom. This is because these rooms are used so often. Your budget here will be spent on the correct design and quality materials.

  • Design

The design of your kitchen or bathroom is critical, so use an experienced professional. Choosing a simple design will allow these rooms to remain timeless and ensure that your surface space is maximised. Increased storage will help here so that your counter space isn’t cluttered with accessories.

  • Quality Materials

Select a quality and simple benchtop that isn’t too trendy as it can affect future resale value. Quartz benchtops are a good investment because they are stylish, low-maintenance, and long-lasting.

  • Drawers, Cupboards Or Cabinets

If budget allows, choose drawers over cupboards as getting to things deep in the back of units is a pain. Alternatively, use shallow, tall cupboards for easy access. Take your cabinets to the ceiling to avoid having a high-maintenance dust-trap along the top.

  1. Electrical Layout

Electrical layouts are often rushed, unfortunately even by some architects. Electrical outlets are used often by multiple essential appliances and are vital for the easy use of your home and technology.

When you receive your floor plan design, carefully work through it and consider where appliances and furniture will be used and placed. Mark how many outlets you will need in each position, including USB ports and specialist outlet points. An interior designer will help you make better decisions that will result in a better home experience and an increased resale value. It’s always better to over-specify on outlets because they are not easy to add later on.

  1. Thermal Insulation

Insulation makes your home much more comfortable and has the added benefit of saving you money. It is advisable to insulate your ceilings, walls, and floors to close the gaps in which air can pass through. Temperatures cause the air to move, so warm air will move up and flow to cool spots, with the coolest being outside. In summer, the heat will want to come inside. As a result, insulation will reduce energy costs and increase your home’s resale value.

For more insight into the best renovation choices, contact our Sydney home builder team and helpful designers who have decades of experience using your renovation budget wisely!

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