Top Trends For The Home Builder In Sydney In 2021

Home Builders Sydney

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A review of what is trending in 2021 for a home builder in Sydney this year reflects the desire to be both technologically up to date and mindful of the environment and our impact thereon.

Technology / Smart Home Features

The use of technology in building new homes ranges from the simple (for example, video doorbells that can be answered from your phone and smart light bulbs that can be scheduled and controlled remotely) to the extreme where the entire home is “automated”. Everything from access, security, lighting, heating, sound and water has ascribed some form of intelligence that allows it to be automatically controlled.

Sustainable Living

The desire to reduce our carbon footprint is apparent as features such as solar water heaters, solar panels, water harvesting and greywater utilisation continue to be popular. Another trending feature is efficient insulation materials and methods that reduce the need for heating and cooling systems. This optimises energy usage and creates an eco-friendly home, and generates significant cost savings over the long term.

More progressive additions to new homes this year include small-scale wind turbines and micro-hydro systems.

Sustainable / Green Building Materials

For building materials to be classed as renewable, they would be defined as having low or zero impact on the environment. Sustainable building materials include wood, bamboo, straw and hemp.

A less obvious choice trending in 2021 is pre-cast concrete. Concrete is poured into premade moulds containing a wire framework to improve strength. These products are more cost-effective than concrete poured on-site and therefore offer a cheap, clean building structure option.

Recycled / Reclaimed Materials

Did you know that it takes the metal from only six cars to produce enough steel to use in the construction of a 2000m2 home? Steel obtained from recycled sources saves as much as 75% of the energy required to make new steel. It has increased in popularity to such an extent that it is currently the most recycled material in the world.

As wood is so widely used in the construction industry, it makes sense to reclaim or recycle this commodity. Current trends show that the rustic look of reclaimed wood continues to increase in popularity in 2021, lending itself to creating features such as exposed beams and interesting flooring.

If you are keen to incorporate some of the latest trends as a home builder in Sydney, contact MAG Constructions today. The expert team can assist with all your design and construction requirements.