Trending Renovations For Your Home In 2022

Home Renovations

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As expert home builders in Sydney, we have seen an increased uptake of homeowners looking for affordable and useful renovations. The last few years have made many homeowners see their properties in a new light. Our homes have had to become versatile, multipurpose areas and still remain a place of sanctuary. While we see the true value of owning a house today, there is no doubt one will be looking for ways to renovate and optimise their living space.

We bring you the trends we have seen emerge in the construction industry in the first few months of 2022. And we are sure that these are here to stay, making a big impact on new and old homes.

Updating The Home Office 

Whether you had previously used a small table in a corner to work from occasionally, we are sure that has had to change. Many are now renovating their homes to add a home office that is functional for everyday use. Remote workers have increased exponentially, which means you are likely working from home more than you ever used to.

Creating A Child-Friendly Space 

Playrooms may have seemed like an exorbitant, unnecessary area to build into your home previously. But that misconception has quickly been dismissed due to the last few years. Many homeowners see the value of having a safe space available for their children to play in at home. It can also be done at an affordable rate, reinforcing that it is not as expensive as one may think.

Optimising Your Home 

Spare bedrooms have quickly become multi-use rooms, but with a proper plan, you can renovate them to make space for your lifestyle. From installing a home gym to having a crafts space, it is doable. Homes are meant to be lived in, and if you can maximise your space to make it a pleasant stay, you should renovate.

Making Your Home Greener 

Homeowners have also seen the significant difference a greener home can make on their monthly bills. While we all should be striving to live more sustainably and decrease our energy usage, there is a financial benefit to doing so. It can include installing solar power, adding smart appliances to switching out your light bulbs.

“Home” has become more than just a building that keeps you safe from the elements or where you store all your belongings. It has reinforced how integral it is to our lifestyles, work, and fulfilment in life. These trends can provide a source of inspiration for your next project or build.

If you are searching for professional and affordable home builders in Sydney, speak to us at MAG Construction. We bring together our expertise, industry knowledge and exceptional reputation to every construction site.